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Animal Rights - Climate - Health - Ethics - Vegetarian

I'm vegetarian for over a quarter of a century. There are many reasons for that:

Animal rights, climate change, deforestation of the rainforest for the meat industry, unimaginable conditions in factory farming, healthier nutrition, pesticides and the reduction of the ecological footprint.

On our planet, people die even though we have enough food, while we waste food unnecessarily on meat production.

I would never expect, that people become vegetarians, where the environment demands it  (e.g. Inuits). In the western industrialized nations, however, nutrition options and knowledge have advanced to such an extent that animal nutrition brings unnecessary suffering and an avoidable destruction of our livelihoods.

I can no longer hear the excuse that everyone gets only his meat from the organic farmer. It's banal and insincere. If you want to influence climate change, it is best to start with yourself and reduce the footprint of your own diet. The super markets are full of alternatives. It is just the power of habit that needs to be changed.


I am sure that in less than 100 years, the consumption of meat and fish by the majority of humanity will be seen as a relic of ancient times. To feed 8 billion people and keep the environment intact, even if we didn't care about animal misery, we will have no other choice. More Facts about vegetarian nutrition? 

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