Founder, Chairmen, Advisor and CEO  of an INGO with 12 Projects, 5000 donors & 

100 staff members in Nepal for 21 years

Coordinator of three Reconstruction Projects (ODHR) after the earthquakes 2015 

in Nepal  and Emergency Relief for 41000 earthquake victims


Expert in Skill Based Teacher Trainings in universities & higher vocational schools in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

Project leader  inter- cantonal Social pedagogic Project in Switzerland

Project leader  inter-cantonal projects - conception of the new third area

in vocational training of graduate nurses in Switzerland (‚Training & Transfer‘)

Project leader  inter- cantonal project -development of 18 skill training books 

Project leader interprofessional training (ETH ZH, HFGS Aarau, BZP  Bern, KSA)

Examination Board FMS Canton Aargau


Master of Public Health –Teacher in Higher Vocational Education- Social Manager

Life philosophy 

Theory needs to be transformed into practice

About me

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